Tonal Drift
Web Resources

A browser based random chord generator. It knows about scales and is highly configurable. At the end you can export MIDI or MusicXML to import into your favorite DAW or notation software.

Cantus Fortuitus

A browser based random cantus firmus generator. Useful for counter point practice. Has the ability to generate a MIDI file for use in your DAW or notation software.

Sheet music - free. Classical works.

Beginner's Guide to Mixing

Great guide to getting started mixing. Look around the site while you are there. Bunches of useful stuff.

Open Source Music Theory Textbook

A complete textbook for a beginning music theory class. Also includes the cantus fermi from "Gradus and Parnassum" to help with counterpoint exercises.

Music Theory from the University of Puget Sound

A complete textbook for a beginning music theory class. Includes exercises.

Seth Monahan Videos

A collection of excellent videos on Common Practice Era Harmony and Counterpoint. Dr Monahan is an associate Professor of Analysis at the Yale School of Music.

Jacob Gran Tonal Counterpoint Videos

An introduction to counterpoint by Dr Jacob Gran. This is a very hands-on series. There are several follow on series that go deeper into fugues and the like.

Early Music Youtube

Really great resources for 17th and 18th century music theory, etc. Be sure to checkout the companion website Early Music Sources

MusicXML W3C info

Official information on the MusicXML format.

Lotus Music Theory Page

Nice site with a bunch of theory content.


Lots of free, good sample packs to use in any DAW. The packs are not just samples, but instruments for either Kontakt (full not the free player) or Decent Sampler, which is free.

Teragon Audio Midi Page

Some helpful, if dated, applications for working with MIDI (Windows Only)

Musical Miscellany

Some Music Theory tools I have created - including a tool to help you learn Dr. Monahan's Big18 chords.